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You may be Data-Rich, but Information-Poor?  We can help you transform your raw data into information!


You may be Data-Rich, but Information-Poor?  We can help you transform your raw data into information!

Where we share KNOWLEDGE

One Year at Lytix – Data Consultant Tibo Vandermeersch

I’ve been working at Lytix for one year by now and I thought it was interesting to share what my experience was during the first year as a Data Analytics Consultant at Lytix. After the first day, I and other starters immediately jumped into a training program that Lytix put together. 💪💪

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Feature Store

Everyone who has already come in touch with data science, has already heard of features used in such models. One aspect that can become quite challenging, is reusing features in a consistent way, across several team members, projects and in environments. In this article, I will explain the most commonly used way to resolve these problems: a feature store.

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Connecting and Using MS Graph in Azure Data Factory

Companies are creating more and more data, on which they want to gain insights. One valuable source of data is data from within the company itself, from the companies’ structure. For this type of data, the MS Graph API is something to look at.
#MSGraph #Azuredatafactory

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Microsoft Ignite – The official Lytix Recap

Microsoft Ignite, the most prominent technology innovation event of the year, hosted by Microsoft, is just around the corner.
Who else than Lytix to keep you up-to-date with the most recently launched releases in the world of Microsoft?

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Kimball in a data lake? Come again?

Kimball data modelling should not be limited to classical data warehouses. 📊

Read here how you can perform Kimball data modelling in a data lake with Spark!

Happy Learning!
#Kimball #Lytix #Spark

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Power BI: Paginated Reports

Have you noticed Power BI is not the most printfriendly tool? 🖨
Have you heard of ‘Power BI Paginated Reports’?
Do you need to export reports to PDF, Excel, CSV, Word or PowerPoint?
Read this blog on Power BI Paginated Report and learn how this can be an added value in business!

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Transfer learning in Spark for image recognition

Want to learn how to harvest the power of Spark to classify images in parallel using transfer learning? 🤔💡

Take a look at our blogs and read Tom Thevelein his latest blog.

This blog gives you a clear step by step guide on how to do this!

#Spark #Lytix #Data

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Premium Per User (PPU) explained

Recently, Power BI launched a third license offering: Power BI Premium per User.
Read all about it in our most recent blog post!

What to expect?

✅ How did Power BI’s licensing model change over time?
✅ *New licensing offer* Power BI Premium per User – What’s in it for you?
✅ A quick tour to get your engine started with a free trial

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Things to consider when creating a Data Lake

Dive into the world of data lakes with a familiar example.
Using a ‘Bronze, Silver and Gold layered approach’ makes sure you do not reinvent warm water.
Let the benefits of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 sink in.
I hope you enjoy the read! 📊

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Azure Synapse Analytics

Synapse Analytics is the go-to tool in for all your analytical needs concerning Big Data, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Self-Service Reporting and Self-Service Data Transformations.
Let the ‘SQL On-Demand’ functionality change how you store and process data, learn how!

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The Data Vault Methodology

Discover how Hubs, Satellites, Links and Business Keys transforms how your organisation handles data! Data Vault provides a uniform modelling technique for all your sources, tracks history and simplifies integration.
Read this blog to learn more about this modelling technique!

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Interview Wim Roten

Next interview is with Wim Roten. 🎥
Wim started a couple of months ago at Lytix and we were wondering how he experienced the past (strange) months at our firm. In a brief interview he explains his vision over the situation.
Keep up the good work! 🍀💪

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Interview Tibo Vandermeersch

In the coming weeks we’ll introduce you to some Lytix colleagues.
First we would like to introduce Tibo Vandermeersch. He has been working for Lytix for almost one year.
Find out how he looks back on the past year and what he’s done. 📊💼

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Pandas, Koalas and PySpark in Python

Using the Big Data architecture ‘Spark’ or ‘DataBricks’?
This blog explains the difference and best-practices between the Python 🐍 packages of Pandas 🐼, PySpark and Koalas 🐨.
Happy Learning!

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DAX Pattern: Top X and Others

📊 Always wondered how to visualise your data in a ‘TOP X and Other’ manner?
📊 Ready to comprehend Power BI in a new way?
📊 Ever used the TOPN function?
📊 Read this blog and put your DAX knowledge to the test.

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Power BI and Spotify – A match made in heaven?

Data isn’t life. They say music is. Well, is it?
Wouldn’t it be awesome to simply combine both worlds?
Let’s find out if this could turn out to be a perfect marriage. Read all about the beautiful love story of Power BI and Spotify.

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Power Apps

‘App Development’ has always been an expensive and long-during project. Using PowerApps, this will not be the case anymore. Create your own applications with a simple drag-and-drop GUI enabeling the business to ensure a fast time-to-market.
Interested in a demo/PoC? Contact us!

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This is how we keep our team spirit high!

As a data & analytics consultant, our goal is to spread our KNOWLEDGE on the projects of our clients. Next to applying and increasing our knowledge one of our core values is FUN. A crisis should not stop this! It’s definitely more challenging for us to organize...

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10 Performance tips to speed up your Power BI reports

Arriving at work and the first thing you do is opening your Power BI report and going for a coffee while waiting for the report to render. Seems familiar? Well, it shouldn’t.
Luckily enough there are some tips and tricks to melt your frustrations like snow in the sun.

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Governed Corporate Power BI

Carl’s customer, Oleon, is at the forefront of the growing market of natural Chemistry. As lead of the Analytics team at Oleon it is my desire to provide useful easy-to-read business driven reports. Hereby I want to share some of the insights I have gained during this exciting journey! I hope you enjoy the read!

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Lytix’ XTL Framework

Learn from the experts and get to know our XTL Framework!
📈 Scalable, Built for the cloud
📈 Fast Time-to-Insights
📈 Best-Practice
📈 Future Proof

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Power BI Governator: Auditing Made Easy

There’s no denial that Power BI has been maintaining a steep growth since its release in 2015 in terms of capabilities. Consequently, the same positive trend also applies to its community and user base, shifting greater priority towards the art of Power BI governance.

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Azure Analysis Services vs Power BI Premium

Both technologies have been enriched with some nifty features. They share a lot of their functionalities. Nevertheless, making a substantiated trade off is vital in nowadays’ reporting environments. Find out which technology suits your business best!

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Lytix’ Power BI 360° Certified: Uplift your Power BI game

Hello analytics enthusiasts! Lytix organizes four (4!) free meetups that demonstrate to you the 360 degree process of using Power BI within an organization. After completing the four hands-on session, you’ll be granted the ‘Lytix 360° Power BI’ certification.  Are you...

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Having Power BI on SAP BW using a gateway?

With the on-premises gateway, you can directly connect to your SAP BW system. This allows you to refresh the reports that are in the Power Bi cloud solution. The gateway is very simple to set up. However, if you are not from the US, you will run into one of the...

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Keep those Power BI reports in (source) control!

While self-service is an easy way of creating and changing existing reports, organizations may struggle with version control of the reports that are published to a Power BI service. We’ve often heard the sentence “Sh**, I’ve overwritten one of my important reports!”....

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5 tips for Excel users when connecting to Power BI

Excel is not dead! We often notice organizations starting their self-service / Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) project by stating the goal ‘getting rid of Excel’. On the otherhand, Excel does provide added value if you can put it to proper use.

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Governed Self-Service: a Power BI Rollout

  Power BI has gained a lot of op popularity in the past years. Due to the large portfolio of functionalities and the high customer adoption, Power BI has become the preferred go-to tool for analytics and reporting. In the first steps of a self-service tool...

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