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What does your organisation do with the ever-larger amounts of data that you generate? Are you using your data effectively to improve the customer and employee experience? And do you use data to make better business decisions?

In our experience, it’s not enough for organisations to gather data, they need to use data effectively by becoming data driven. Lytix’s team of data experts use Microsoft technology to help organisations like yours to unlock the power of your data, so you can generate insights from your data and gain a competitive advantage in your market.

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The Intellus Data Race is back, building on the success of the previous year. This ultimate competition for data enthusiasts, open to both students and seasoned professionals, offers an opportunity to showcase analytics skills.

Participants can win travel vouchers for dream getaways, with the top 3 students and 3 pros being awarded in collaboration with Joker.

It’s not just a competition; it’s a data-driven adventure with exciting rewards! 📊🌎

Lytix expertise and experience.
How can we help you?

Lytix uses Microsoft technology to deliver the business analytics solutions your organisation needs.

Our team of data experts are constantly investing in our domain expertise, closely monitoring key themes and the impact they could have on your data-driven organisation.

Current important themes include: the challenges of data volume, velocity, and variety, the shift to self-service BI, the embedding of real time analytics in operational processes the growth of data warehouses, and advanced analytics techniques, such as machine learning and natural language processing.

As well as a strong specialisation in their field of expertise, all Lytix consultants have a broad knowledge of the entire analytics domain, often complemented with certifications and qualifications in related Microsoft products. Lytix demonstrates its knowledge by having achieved a Silver and Gold Competencies on numerous competence domains. In addition, Lytix has been granted the title of “Advanced Specialization for Analytics on Microsoft Azure” which can only be obtained by demonstrating operational excellence in Data and Analytics.

“Lytix helped us setting up a robust Power BI environment in terms of user adoption, governance, training & support.”

Steven Dauw

Infrabel Teamlead End User Products & Reporting

“Lytix ensures that we stay within our SLA and that we have a great customer experience! They are driven to increase our maturity & to support the related change management.”

Maurijn Van Malderghem

Infrabel BI ICT Lead

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