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At Lytix, we take pride in prioritising knowledge sharing. Not just internally between colleagues, but also to anyone interested in finding out more about data and analytics. We enjoy discussing the entire spectrum of data and analytics: technical use cases, best practices in project management, the latest Azure updates, and more. We cover all these subjects on this page. Join us at one of our future events where we will gladly discuss these topics and read some of our blogs written by our experts. Happy learning!

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Knowledge sharing

The Azure Networking handbook for beginners 

Welcome to the interconnected world of networking in Azure. To understand this complex subject easier let’s create a metaphor where we will compare Azure...

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Cross-tenant Data Sharing with Power BI: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's world of digital data, information is everywhere, and sharing it has become more crucial than ever. However, when it comes to sharing...

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What is Direct Lake mode in Fabric?

You are tired of waiting for your dataset to refresh in Power BI service? Say goodbye to these waiting times, Microsoft Fabric has a...

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