Augment Transparency: Auditing & Monitoring

In the dynamic world of data governance, our final pillar, Auditing & Monitoring, takes center stage, casting a watchful eye over every nuance of your Power BI environment. Imagine it as the unwavering sentry, arming your organization with the insights needed to navigate the data landscape with unparalleled confidence.

At its core, this is about empowerment through understanding.

Report-level auditing unveils a panoramic view of user activities – who creates, uses, and shares reports. It’s the GPS for your data journey, providing precise coordinates on user engagement.
Dive deeper into the matrix with Data-level auditing, where performance and usage patterns of your data assets unfold like a well-scripted narrative.
Scale the pinnacle with Tenant-level auditing, a comprehensive view that tracks workspace permissions, tenant settings, and beyond.

“How do you enter the realm of all these possibilities?”

By making use of the Power BI REST API, where we harness the potential of this powerful tool to craft a bespoke auditing experience.

“Too abstract or too much hassle?”

Introducing the Lytix Governator, our in-house plug-in monitoring solution. It’s the shortcut to assurance, sparing you the intricacies of manual configurations.

The Microsoft approved Lytix Power BI Governator provides you with a clear overview of what is actually happening on your organization’s Power BI environment. Although Power BI offers out-of-the-box reports meant to govern the Power BI environment, they often fall short to perform thorough analysis in terms of user adoption. Without the right reports at their disposal, Power BI admins have a hard time ensuring whether their carried out best practices and governance guidelines are being complied with. Our plug-and-play Power BI template solution, branded “Power BI Governator”, exists in a set of well-crafted, comprehensive reports, enabling detailed analysis of your Power BI environment.


In the realm of Auditing & Monitoring, we’re not just observers, we’re enablers. We empower your organization with the insights needed to make informed decisions, guiding you towards a future where Power BI governance becomes an continuously evolving facilitator for all your data initiatives.