Welcome Bo Vande Sompele

iWhy did Bo choose for Lytix?

Bo heard about Lytix via another consultant Tom Thevelein during a social event. Her interest was immediately sparked and the following conversations only made it more and more clear that this was the type of company she was looking for.

Bo was looking for a transparant, open and honest company with a flat organizational structure and a culture of learning. Lytix checked all the boxes!

What did Bo do before Lytix?

Bo worked for an insurance company for the past 3 years where she was an analyst at the datawarehousing team. Besides her full time job at the insurance company she also teaches evening classes in the data domain at Syntra West.

What makes Bo happy in life?

Bo loves to travel, discover new places and taste great food together with her best friends and family. She enjoys the little things in life like an unexpected ray of sunshine cracking through the clouds.

Welcome Niels De Swaef

Why did Niels choose for Lytix?

The combination of the technical and business aspect of extracting insights from data sparked his interest. This is exactly the thing that Lytix is good at. He hopes to expand his knowledge and skills at this young and ambitious company.

 What did Niels do before Lytix?

He studied Business Engineering at Ghent University with a focus on Data Analytics.

What are his hobbies?

He likes to spend his free time on his bike. When he is not on his bike, he likes to go get some drinks with friends.

Welcome Jani De Kort

Why did Jani choose for Lytix?

After her internship in Power Bi, she was looking for a company which is an expert in BI using the Microsoft stack. During an online event she came across Lytix and after some research and a first chat, she felt an immediate match. Lytix shares the same values she lives for: work hard, play hard. A company that puts people in the first place, is also very important for her. She believes that Lytix will broaden her expertise in BI and gives her chances to grow as a business person. 

What did Jani do before Lytix? 

After her secondary school, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Office Management because she enjoys learning foreign languages and likes to play with the Adobe Stack. After her internship in her last year Office Management, she did not feel satisfied and ready enough to start working. She was also eager to learn more so she looked for another education. Since she had a strong interest in IT and computers, her choice was clear. Now she feels ready and excited to start in the world of IT! 

What is the most beautiful city she ever visited? 

She’s not a city hopper, but she loves to explore the underwater world! The most beautiful place she’s been to, is located in Egypt and is called: Paradise Island. It has crystal clear water and has a beautiful coral reef. This place is very calm and has a beautiful beach where you can relax to the fullest. 


Welcome Joachim Depovere

Why did Joachim choose for Lytix?

Joachim is eager to learn and face new data related challenges which are clearly abundant in Lytix. In addition, the application procedure was very smooth and straightforward which matched perfectly with Joachim’s expectation.

What did Joachim do before Lytix?

5 years ago, Joachim started business engineering at the university of Ghent. After 3 years it became apparent that the data analytics major perfectly balances Joachim’s interests in business and mathematics. He also did a summer job at a company that sells glue, foam and mastic where he made use of SAP in accountancy.

 Describe your perfect weekend?

To clear his head, Joachim likes to go running or swimming in the beautiful city of Ghent. In the evening he gets together with friends talking about the week and contemplating life 😊.

Welcome Yoren Lievens

Why did Yoren choose for Lytix?

During the job interviews with Sander, David and Wim, he really got the feeling there is a strong emphasis on the extension of knowledge in the different domains of data analytics. This was most appealing to him as his number one priority is learn a lot and adapt quickly to the world of business. Another important factor was the enthusiasm of all co-workers he met during video calls. They convinced him of the young and open work environment Lytix stands for and ensured him the support for newbies is of great quality.

 What did Yoren do before Lytix?

He recently graduated as a Business Engineer in Data Analytics at Ghent University, which gave him the technical basis he needed to take on the next challenge at Lytix. Moreover, he spent one semester studying in Tallinn (Estonia). This experience really improved the chameleon inside him and also strengthened his social skills on an international level.

What’s his favorite holiday destination?

He’s a real explorer when it comes to travelling. Almost every place on earth has its charm and that’s why he just adores to be on the road, whether it is by car, bike or on foot. This summer for instance, he made a bike tour around Belgium, rode with a campervan through Portugal and did a Grand Route in the Basque Country.