On Thursday, 30-09-2021 12:00 p.m., we are hosting our yearly Data Day dedicated to SAP, Microsoft & Data engineering. With over 100 participants in the last years, this conference is one of the largest events focusing on SAP Analytics, Microsoft Analytics and data engineering in Belgium.

Do you want to revolutionise your analytics organisation with the newest trends? We will inspire you with input of customer cases and Microsoft & SAP presenting their future roadmap! We host a lot of interesting sessions during our Data Day!

Join us and learn from inspirational guest speakers such as Gordon Witzel (SAP), Filip Popovic & Stefan Azaric (Microsoft), Mieke De Ketelaere and many others!


Where and when?

We welcome you at our HQ, in Boortmeerbeek, Leuvensesteenweg 350. Join us from 12 p.m., followed by the seminars starting at 13 p.m.. The details to attend our event well be emailed after registering.

Are you as excited as we are? Register via the button below! More information will be available on the register page.


Create Me A Paginated Power BI Report

Create Me A Paginated Power BI Report

What does Lytix offer?

Lytix offers ‘one free day of consultancy’ with the main goal of improving your Power BI experience by demonstrating the added value of ‘Power BI Paginated Reports’.

If your organisation is already using Power BI then this report can be created on existing data. If your organisation isn’t using Power BI then we can use a demo environment at Lytix.

Can I Apply? 

We make this offer to all new and existing customers. This offer doesn’t have technological constraints:

  • Yes you can apply even if you haven’t used Power BI in you organisation before.
  • Yes you can apply even if you used ‘SQL Server Reporting Services’.
  • Yes you can apply altough you don’t have Premium or Premium Per Capacity license.

This benefit is only offered once per organisation and is valid until May 2021. The maximum provided free development time is one working day. 

What does Lytix want to achieve? 

Lytix wants to democratize analytics with Power BI and improve user experience within organizations. 

  • If Lytix is new to your organization, then we want to get to know you: how we can provide added value to your business. 
  • If you already know Lytix then we want to strengthen our relationship by demonstrating the use of ‘Paginated Reports’ within Power BI.

I want to learn more:

Paginated Reports are a feature that have been liberalized by the new license ‘Premium Per User’. This new license can be tested by all organizations. 

Let’s meet!


Do you like personalized recruiting messages? We too!

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Kind R

PS: hopefully you spotted the +5 data & analytics clues? If so, then it totally makes sense to meet!

Upcoming TRAININGS 2020

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Evening Session: Power Platform Adoption Framework

We want you to attend!

Hello Power Platform enthusiasts! Lytix hosts the Power User Days Belgium night event on the 22nd of January. It will all be around the great Power Platform Adoption Framework. Make sure to tune in at this session on the 22th of January!

Are you an Adoption -, Change Management – or Governance Specialist, then this event is especially for you! If you’re none of those you’re also welcome.

As the Power Platform becomes more popular and organizations are starting to see the potential, so does the need to establish an Enterprise Power Platform Management, Governance and Adoption Strategy. In this meetup we will have 2 special guests: the team behind the Globally acknowledged “Power Platform Adoption Framework” ( ).

Andrew Welch – Founder and Architect #PowerPlatformAF

Lee M. Baker – Lead Contributor #PowerPlatformAF

The other Lead Contributors (who will not be joining us at this time) are:
Manuela Pichler –
Keith Whatling –
Lucy Alice Bourne –

Thanks to their evangelizing efforts, organizations are starting to realize that without a clear strategy, Power Platform initiatives have a 90% chance of failing.

Come and learn first-hand from the experts!

The agenda will be as follows:
18:00 – 18:45 – Registration
18:45 – 19:00 – Welcome + Word from the Sponsor
19:00 – 20:00 – Power Platform Adoption Framework Part 1
20:00 – 21:00 – Power Platform Adoption Framework Part 2
21:00 – ….. – Networking + Drink

The event will take place in the Lytix offices: Leuvensesteenweg 350, 3190 Boortmeerbeek.

Register quickly, as there are limited seats available. If you are not able to make it, please de-register to allow those on the waiting-list to join.