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What does Lytix offer?

Lytix offers ‘one free day of consultancy’ with the main goal of improving your Power BI experience by demonstrating the added value of ‘Power BI Paginated Reports’.

If your organisation is already using Power BI then this report can be created on existing data. If your organisation isn’t using Power BI then we can use a demo environment at Lytix.

Can I Apply? 

We make this offer to all new and existing customers. This offer doesn’t have technological constraints:

  • Yes you can apply even if you haven’t used Power BI in you organisation before.
  • Yes you can apply even if you used ‘SQL Server Reporting Services’.
  • Yes you can apply altough you don’t have Premium or Premium Per Capacity license.

This benefit is only offered once per organisation and is valid until May 2021. The maximum provided free development time is one working day. 

What does Lytix want to achieve? 

Lytix wants to democratize analytics with Power BI and improve user experience within organizations. 

  • If Lytix is new to your organization, then we want to get to know you: how we can provide added value to your business. 
  • If you already know Lytix then we want to strengthen our relationship by demonstrating the use of ‘Paginated Reports’ within Power BI.

I want to learn more:

Paginated Reports are a feature that have been liberalized by the new license ‘Premium Per User’. This new license can be tested by all organizations.