Letting the numbers do the talking

Data Storytelling

Have you ever came into a meeting where numbers were presented and the first 5 minutes were needed to understand the graph? And this was just slide 1. Terrifying & not mentioning there are still a bazillion slides to go. The most noteworthy thing is the slides luckily had numbers. To adopt data literacy in your organization the backing of decisions by numbers is one. Second is being able to present the numbers in the right way that they speak an understandable truth. This is where data visualization & data storytelling comes into play.

What is data storytelling?

Data storytelling is the art of combining the right data visualization skills, with the right data while bringing an engaging and at the same time explaining narrative. This requires specific soft and hard skills.

Why data storytelling?

You can have calculated the most important numbers in the world. If the other side does not understand these numbers, the change will never happen. To create change in an organization it is crucial to convey the message in an appropriate way.

This is where data storytelling can help you tremendously. It will help all stakeholders to easily grasp the issue at hand, understand the data, understand the impact and even lead to the supporting numbers of the different choices that can be made. Which are crucial aspects, let us tell you:


  • Having a common understanding of definitions and numbers (also see self-service analytics).
  • Having a corporate-wide understood data visualization guideline
  • Having the appropriate training & coaches (internal and/or external) at hand to improve your data literacy

How to start with data storytelling?

For an organization it is import first to be aware what there ambition is here. Is it speaking the same data language? Is it making reports more understandable and uniform across the whole organization? … Based upon such typical questions initiatives need to be taken to enhance the data literacy. Typical initiatives are Data Visualization trainings, creation of a visual corporate identity for reporting, coaching business in reporting tools, … These initiatives typically results from the current pain points or from the global ambition. Here we have our step by step approach from basics towards data champion to get organizations data literacy at the pinnacle.

How can Lytix help me with data storytelling?

First of all we start with your current situation and guide you to a general understanding of the ambition that you want to reach. We make this ambition very tangible so we can also measure how we are living up to this. Knowing the current situation and having a crystal clear view on the goal, that is where we can plot our journey together.

This journey will be typically consisting of data visualization trainings, mapping your organization towards the needed data roles, training these roles, defining corporate standards for reporting, … all based and tailored to reach your data storytelling & data literacy ambition backed by our proven approach.

To conclude

Is your organization lacking data literacy? the capability of bringing messages in a fact based manner? That is where we data storytelling & data visualization typically comes into play. Lytix helps customers with our step by step approach from basics towards data champion to get organizations data literacy at the pinnacle.



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