Webinar – Governed Sharing in Power BI: Datasets, Dataflows and Datamarts

Organizations are moving to a self-service model to fulfill their data needs. To help achieving this, Microsoft provides different tooling in the Power BI Service: Datasets, Dataflows and Datamarts. But how does this work? What is the difference between a Power BI dataflow? And how is this any different from a Dataset? These and many more are the questions that will be tackled in this webinar!

  • What is a Power BI Dataset?
  • What is a Dataflow?
  • What is a Datamart?
  • Comparisons; when to use what?
  • Key Take-aways

Where and when?

The session will be a webinar on 11-10-2022 and starts at 15h00. Since this session is a webinar, the details to attend will be emailed after subscribing.

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