Fortify Confidence: Security and Access Control

In the ever-evolving landscape of data, our Security and Access Control pillar stands as the guardian, unwavering in its commitment to fortify the walls protecting your organization’s most valuable asset – information.

At its core, security needs to ensure only authorized eyes behold your valuable insights. Imagine a hierarchy where Power BI Administrators, Dataset Designers, Report Designers, and Report Consumers operate with precision, each role seamlessly linked to its rightful permissions. It’s all about empowering the right individuals with the right level of control.

Yet, the narrative extends beyond roles; it dives into the granular intricacies of row-level security. Picture this – a salesperson navigating Power BI sees only the data linked to their operating countries, a dynamic filter that ensures the right information reaches the right hands. Row-level security is a promise that sensitive data remains confined to those who need it.


In the realm of Security and Access Control, we don’t just set permissions; we build trust – a fortress where your data thrives securely, empowering your organization to navigate the data landscape with unwavering confidence.