Foster Excellence: Training & Support

In the realm of Power BI empowerment, our pillar of Training & Support stands as the lighthouse guiding organizations through the seas of data-driven transformation. At the core of this pillar is the establishment of a robust Center of Excellence, the central nervous system of training and support initiatives.

Imagine this Center of Excellence as the heartbeat of your data journey, pulsating with the rhythm of knowledge and expertise. Here, we craft tailored training plans, beginning with our Lytix standard offering as the launchpad. It’s not just about training, it’s about sculpting personalized learning paths that resonate with your company’s unique needs and aspirations.

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But the journey doesn’t end with structured courses, it evolves into a culture of mentorship. At Lytix, we invest in nurturing the skills of your business users, providing them with the tools to not just navigate Power BI but to master it. Mentorship becomes the bridge that transforms novices into proficient data navigators.

Knowledge is not static; it thrives when shared. Enter the world of facilitated knowledge-sharing – an interconnected railway-grid set up within your organization. Through centralized portals, discussion channels on Teams, and other collaborative avenues, we break down silos, fostering a dynamic exchange between business and IT. It’s not just about learning, it’s about learning and moving forward together.


At the heart of it all is the community we build – a support network that empowers every member of your organization. Our goal is not just to impart skills, it’s to create a self-sustaining data-driven culture. When businesses feel supported and when individuals feel empowered, the odds tip in favor of a future where data isn’t just a tool, but it’s a way of life.