Interview Wim Roten

Aug 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Wim Roten has been working at Lytix for 5 months. That’s why we asked him some questions about his experience.

What was your nicest experience at Lytix? 

The last webinar I worked on, more than 50 people were watching my demo in Power BI. That felt quite good.

Can you explain what kind of work you have been doing?

My first project was at SESVanderHave, where we did a migration of their BI landscape from on-premise to the cloud. So the entire SQL server database had to be redone, the dataflow tasks from SSIS had to be translated to Azure Data Factory and the measures had to be transferred from SSAS to power BI.

Currently I am working on a data science POC for Torfs, where the goal is to recognize characteristics of their products using convolutional neural networks. Furthermore, I recently started at the MIVB, which is a lot of data engineering in the Azure environment.

I am engaging in Microsoft BI in a lot of different ways, which is nice, while also doing some data science. This is the exact reason why I came to this company.

How do you experience teleworking?

In the beginning I did not mind, but now every day feels the same. I miss the social contact with colleagues and I am even starting to miss standing in traffic.


What is an ideal day off for you? 

 My days off mostly revolve around lying in my couch, while watching Netflix or having a drink with friends. Both are ideal for me.


What is your favorite holiday destination?

Although I have not been there, I would have to say the Maldives. I was planning on going there, but Corona spoiled the party.


Wim Roten

Wim Roten

Thank you for your cooperation and good luck in your further career at Lytix.