Get to know: Yoren Lievens

Get to know: Yoren Lievens Our Lytix team has gained a few more experts in recent months. People who have a very positive impact on the group but certainly also towards our customers! Yoren Lievens is one of them. He …

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Welcome Bianca Le Cluyse

Welcome Bianca Le Cluyse Happy to announce Bianca Le Cluyse, our new HR Manager! Best of luck! 🍀 We asked Bianca some ‘get to know’ questions. Read them below. 👇🏻 Why did Bianca choose for Lytix? What attracted me the most …

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Welcome Kris Adant

Welcome Kris Adant We are happy to announce that Kris Adant is the newest team member of Lytix! Best of luck, Kris 🍀Read more about Kris below 👇🏻 Why did Kris choose for Lytix? The energy and focus of the …

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Welcome Jan Van Humbeek

Welcome Jan Van Humbeek Welcome Jan Van Humbeek! Happy to announce our newest colleague! Best of luck, Jan! 🍀 Why did Jan choose for Lytix? For me there are 2 important factors when choosing a company to work with: the team, …

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Welcome Koen Broeckx

Welcome Koen Broeckx Welcome to Koen Broeckx!  We asked him some interesting questions. Read his answers below! 👇🏻 Why did Koen choose for Lytix? At first contact, it was a direct match. … hard to describe, but when professional vision …

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Welcome Hans Van den Troost

There’s a new colleague in town! Welcome to Hans Van den Troost! Read more about Hans below!

Our first week @ Lytix

Our first week @ Lytix Introduction A new start at a company is like writing a new chapter in a book, you have a general idea of the storyline however it can still go in various directions. Which new things …

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Interview Arne Polfliet

Interview Arne Polfliet What was your nicest experience at Lytix? Professionally the nicest moment would have to be the training academy when I first joined Lytix. Together with the new joiners of Cubis we had a whole host of training sessions. …

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Welcome Bo Vande Sompele

Welcome Bo Vande Sompele Why did Bo choose for Lytix? Bo heard about Lytix via another consultant Tom Thevelein during a social event. Her interest was immediately sparked and the following conversations only made it more and more clear that …

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