I’ve been working at Lytix for one year by now and I thought it was interesting to share what my experience was during the first year as a Data Analytics Consultant at Lytix.



After the first day, I and other starters immediately jumped into a training program that Lytix put together. Me just starting out as a Data Analytics Consultant needed this of course.

During this training, I learned and refreshed not only hard skills that are needed to execute my job but also soft skills that are involved with consultancy.
People coming straight out of school will start in a group of starters that all follow this training simultaneously.
Most of the trainings are also given by people from Lytix themselves which give you, as a new person, already a person to contact if you need guidance or expertise in a certain field of knowledge. And people here invite you to do so as well.

The training has definitely proven to come in handy. It’s also a good way to gauge the kind of knowledge and expertise that lives in Lytix.


Working experience


Even during the training period, I was already deployed at a customer under the guidance of a more senior profile which allowed me to learn more on the job.

At Lytix they try not only to find the right person for the job at the customer but also the right customer for the person doing the job. Of course, it’s not always possible to do this but when it is possible, they think of the most suitable place for you.
I personally have been very happy with the customers I got to work with. I felt comfortable doing my job and also felt like I learned from my customer. You won’t only get feedback from your colleagues at Lytix but you often get it from your customer as well which is something I appreciate a lot.
I like to go about feedback in the following way: “There is no such thing as bad feedback. It’s just that way it’s brought over that can be bad”. Don’t be afraid to ask the customer if you have any working points. Approach it in an open-minded fashion.

Lytix gives you opportunities to learn and get experience pretty fast. This allowed me to work with the data of 7 different customers in one year. Working in these many contexts learned me to go about different kinds of expectations, understanding a dataset you don’t understand yet, different ways of working, asking the right questions in the first phases of the project, ….




At Lytix there is a lot of room for development. Whether it’s something small or big. As long as it’s job-related they would stand behind your proposition if you have one.

There are regular check-in moments to figure out where your personal interests are going in terms of self-development. Next to that, they could always recommend you something in terms of development that might suit you. Being self-reflective doesn’t always mean you have to find all answers yourself to what you should do. Simply asking someone what they think would be interesting for you is also a form of that.
I am for example someone who learns best by doing something and figuring it out which gets put to good use at Lytix. I sometimes get challenged by my customers and at those moments I feel most that I am growing professionally. This gives you the opportunity to gain more knowledge.
And again. When you work with a customer that plans in a moment for personal feedback with you, I appreciate that so much when they do that. It tells you a lot in how you are fulfilling the expectations but also what you can work on for yourself. They know that I’m young and don’t know everything but they let you know what you can work on based on their experience. This allows you to also prevent mistakes.

There’s a lot to learn at Lytix. Not only about job content but also about yourself. I personally have learned that I’m better at certain things than I initially thought for example.




Say that you’re at a customer and they ask you about something in which you have zero experience. You can always go ahead and ask someone at Lytix if they can help you out. Eventually, you will get there.

The people at Lytix and Cubis (= Lytix’s sister company) know that not everybody can do everything. That is why it is easy to contact someone with more expertise in a certain subject. At the most recent project, a customer asked which option was better; connect a customer portal with SAP directly (and how would one do it) or connect SAP with the Power BI portal and connect the customer portal to that. Me not knowing a lot about SAP went on a search at our sister company, Cubis, to find someone who could. Within a day a meeting was scheduled and an answer was given. After a couple of days (contract negotiations included) someone from Cubis was able to implement a solution that satisfied the customer.

Next to having easy access to expertise across platforms, there are also fun activities organized to build fun and good, amicable relationships between the employees. This way everyone gets to know each other a little better and you end up knowing who has expertise in which subjects.

Apart from the things mentioned above, Lytix and Cubis have monthly internal status updates and regular knowledge sharing sessions with Lytix’s “Bits & Bokes” where someone from Lytix brings some interesting to know knowledge in a short session of 30 minutes during lunch break.

Tibo Vandermeersch

Tibo Vandermeersch

In case you have questions regarding MS BI, don’t hesitate to contact Lytix for more information!