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Analyzing data and delivering actionable information to make informed business decisions, is crucial for any organisation. Power BI is a powerful and scalable solution that can be used for self-service and enterprise business intelligence. Power BI is the best-in-class Business Intelligence tool.

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Setting up a succesful Power BI environment, could come with certain difficulties. Lytix, a group of experts who are passionate about data & analytics, helps organisations with their Power BI challenges. Lytix consists of a team highly trained & skilled experts. Lytix helps various local and international customers in their Power BI journey.

We can assist you in your Power BI journey in these domains :


Power BI Success is more than technology alone, every solution needs the right governance to achieve tangible business outcomes.

Report Development

If your organisation doesn’t have the right expertise or doesn’t have enough resources, Lytix can help you with a broad group of experts with deep knowledge in all Power BI areas.


Some people within your organisation might have expertise with Power BI while others don’t. We make sure that these uncertainties go away by giving them the right training in line with the defined governance.


A Power BI implementation can come with questions or uncertainties, therefore we’re providing a Lytix Hotline that can support your organization.

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