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What is Power BI Governance?

Power BI Success is more than technology alone, every solution needs the right governance to achieve tangible business outcomes. Governance is the orchestration of:

  • People
  • Technology
  • Process
  • Data

Aligning these key components, will result in Power BI success, augmenting your data literacy as an organization.

Implementing Power BI Governance.

To achieve successful governance of your BI environment, there are different kinds of roles that need to be defined. Each role has different responsibilities, skills required and security levels, which we need to take into account. If you want your business to handle situations more efficiently in the future, it’s important to define these roles and assign these to the correct people in the organization. The allocation of these roles between Business and IT depends on the governance model.

Typical roles – to go from data to value – in a mature Power BI team :

Microsoft created Power BI with multiple strategies of ownership – from Business-Led Self-Service BI to Corporate BI – in mind. You can choose to lean towards a Business-Led or a Corporate BI strategy, you can go for IT-Managed Self-Serice BI, or you can combine these different strategies within your organization. We can guide you in making the right decisions for your organization and help you implement this.


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How can Lytix help with your Power BI Governance?

We will scrutinize your current way of working with Power BI and look at how you deal with Governance today. We will advise how we can improve your Power BI Governance. With your input and our expertise we will design the most ideal Governance plan for your organization to reach maximal value from your data assets.

We’d love to assist you in your Power BI journey, so contact us today.

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