Welcome Lars Moons!


Meet Lars Moons, our latest addition to the Lytix team, who joined us last week. Lars was impressed by our welcoming atmosphere at a student gathering and decided to become part of our team. Before Lytix, he studied data science management and worked in the supply chain sector. We look forward to Lars’s contributions to our team! Read more about him via the Q&A below!

Why did you choose Lytix? 

I joined Lytix on the recommendation of a friend and was immediately impressed. After exploring their work and getting in touch, they invited me to a student gathering. There, I had the chance to meet future colleagues who were not only friendly but also open to discussing their projects and work culture. This combination of exciting work opportunities and a welcoming environment made my decision to join Lytix an easy one.

What did you do before Lytix? 

Before joining Lytix, I was a university student at the Open University of the Netherlands, where I was studying data science management. While in school, I worked some part-time jobs, mostly in the supply chain sector.

If you could collaborate with a famous person, who would it be and on what project?

If I had the chance to collaborate with a famous person, my choice would be Alan Turing, a British mathematician, computer pioneer and computer scientist, mathematical biologist and logician, during his work on the Enigma machine. The idea of working alongside this brilliant mind during such a moment in history would be nothing short of exciting.