Welcome Luca Filippi!

Welcome Luca! Luca joined Lytix in the beginning of September. In ‘a previous life’, Luca was part of the whole data chain, from analytics to engineering. A perfect addition to the Lytix team if you ask us! 😎
Read more about Luca below 👇🏻

Why did you choose Lytix?

I chose Lytix because the career perspectives (opportunities as an azure data engineer) are more promising than at my previous employer. I also like the fact that Lytix focuses on one good technology: Microsoft technology. This makes it easier to specialize and become expert in one tool.

What did you do before Lytix?

I was a data engineer at Keyrus, a consulting company specialized in data, before joining Lytix. Previously, I have been data analytics consultant at a company specialising in accountancy, tax and business advice and data analyst at the Federal Public Service of Belgium that deals with the finances of the state or federal government..

Who is your rolemodel and why?

My rolemodel is Bill Gates. He’s an example of an extremely successful professional and founder of Microsoft, my favourite technology for doing my job as a data engineer.