Welcome Thibaut Coigné!


Meet Thibaut Coigné, our latest addition to the Lytix team, who joined us last week. With master’s degrees in corporate finance and general management, he’s eager to start his professional journey. We are happy to have him in our team! Read more about him via the Q&A below!

Why did you choose lytix?

First of all, I chose lytix because I want to start my career in the data sector and more especially data science, data strategy and business intelligence. I believe Lytix will give me a lot of opportunities to work on interesting projects and hone my data skills. A second reason is from the first application interview there was a very collegial atmosphere around the Intellus Group which made me choose for this company.

What did you do before Lytix? 

Before starting at Lytix I obtained a masters degree in business economics: corporate finance at the university of Ghent. After my study at the University of Ghent, I completed a second masters degree in General Management at the Vlerick Business school. Now I am very eager to (finally) start my professional career.

What’s a place on your travel bucket list that you haven’t visited yet?

There are many destinations on my bucket list, I can’t say one destination. some are more “closer” such as: Norway and Jordan. Other destinations are a further away such as Brazil, Patagonia and Tanzania.