Welcome Yoren Lievens

Why did Yoren choose for Lytix?

During the job interviews with Sander, David and Wim, he really got the feeling there is a strong emphasis on the extension of knowledge in the different domains of data analytics. This was most appealing to him as his number one priority is learn a lot and adapt quickly to the world of business. Another important factor was the enthusiasm of all co-workers he met during video calls. They convinced him of the young and open work environment Lytix stands for and ensured him the support for newbies is of great quality.

What did Yoren do before Lytix?

He recently graduated as a Business Engineer in Data Analytics at Ghent University, which gave him the technical basis he needed to take on the next challenge at Lytix. Moreover, he spent one semester studying in Tallinn (Estonia). This experience really improved the chameleon inside him and also strengthened his social skills on an international level.

What’s his favorite holiday destination?

He’s a real explorer when it comes to travelling. Almost every place on earth has its charm and that’s why he just adores to be on the road, whether it is by car, bike or on foot. This summer for instance, he made a bike tour around Belgium, rode with a campervan through Portugal and did a Grand Route in the Basque Country.