Ruling your data landscape: The Pillars of Power BI Governance


What is PBI Governance and what makes it so valuable?

“Making structural better decisions is not a sprint, it’s a marathon”

More and more organizations are starting to adopt Power BI because of its great potential and its positive impact on strategic decisions and daily operations. As a consequence, the amount of data and the number of users working with Power BI in most organizations is rising at an enormous speed.

I’m sure you have an idea to what this ultimately leads? Right, chaos.

Enter Power BI Governance and enter our Lytix experts.

Without a properly defined governance, the risk of data inconsistencies, data duplication and security breaches is exponential as Power BI grows Its trees within your organization.
This could on the long-term result In unreliable insights, cluttered environments, higher costs than necessary and potentially even legal issues.

Briefly said, without a properly defined governance, your data landscape will grow organically at potentially high speeds, but soon it will be under danger of collapse.

Of course, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel at Lytix, which means we will always try to start from the best-practices offered (and often updated) by Microsoft ( More specifically, the topics of Implementation planning and the Power BI adoption roadmap are of major importance. They help us in carefully guiding you on your Power BI mission towards better decisions.

Remember, structural changes are never a sprint, but a marathon.