This is how we keep our team spirit high!

As a data & analytics consultant, our goal is to spread our KNOWLEDGE on the projects of our clients. Next to applying and increasing our knowledge one of our core values is FUN.
A crisis should not stop this! It’s definitely more challenging for us to organize events in which we adhere to government policies. But we don’t mind a challenge, we accept it instead of ignoring it.

That’s why we chose to come online all together on Thursday evening. We started at 8 pm with an online quiz. We divided our team into a number of groups and competed with each other. Of course, we weren’t allowed to use our good friend Google. The quiz who consisted of 40 questions took about an hour to complete.  In my opinion, it was a success! However, wait for the results 😉


Afterward, we started some online games, such as Saboteur and some card games. We deliberately chose some games in which we could all participate. Paired with a local beer and a joke, it was also the perfect opportunity to catch up with each other.


The Covid19 virus is here and now, we can’t change that. What we can change is the way we deal with it. We are opting for the “all alone together” method, where we will be in contact with each other on a regular basis. Let’s prioritize health and let’s stay safe! Every life matters.

PS: Please don’t ask about our scores on the quiz, it will be better next week. Promised!😀

Blog by – Jorik Spiesschaert