iWhy did Bo choose for Lytix?

Bo heard about Lytix via another consultant Tom Thevelein during a social event. Her interest was immediately sparked and the following conversations only made it more and more clear that this was the type of company she was looking for.

Bo was looking for a transparant, open and honest company with a flat organizational structure and a culture of learning. Lytix checked all the boxes!

What did Bo do before Lytix?

Bo worked for an insurance company for the past 3 years where she was an analyst at the datawarehousing team. Besides her full time job at the insurance company she also teaches evening classes in the data domain at Syntra West.

What makes Bo happy in life?

Bo loves to travel, discover new places and taste great food together with her best friends and family. She enjoys the little things in life like an unexpected ray of sunshine cracking through the clouds.