Creating a laptop division system for CAW

Recently, we were given the opportunity to work with Engage 4 on a project to help CAW Antwerp improve their laptop distribution system. Through this project, we were able to learn a lot about CAW’s organizational structure and help their efforts to provide people with laptops by applying what we learned. We take great pride in having participated in this project and helping CAW achieve its goal of closing the digital divide. We will go into more detail regarding our participation in the engagement program and the work we undertook to support CAW in this blog post.

Engage 4 is a program that brings together organizations and businesses to collaborate on projects that aim to make a positive impact in the community. Through Engage 4, companies are able to use their skills and expertise to support non-profits in their efforts to tackle complex use cases. In our case, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Engage 4 with Cubis, Lytix & Aivix to work together with CAW on their laptop distribution program. This program is aimed at providing laptops to people who may have difficult access to technology.

In September, we had our first meeting with Britt and Lot from CAW at the kick-off event from Engage 4 at the Antwerp Management School. During this initial meeting, we got to know each other and they shared with us the details of the project and how our company could play a role in supporting their efforts.

Over the next few months, we had several co-working meetings to discuss and plan the development of the laptop distribution program. During those co-working meetings, we brainstormed intensively about everything from user experience to the right tools we’ll use to develop the project. After a few interesting brainstorm sessions, it turned out that a website built in Angular with a Python backend behind it was the right tool for the job!

Finally, we had the opportunity to present our work at the closing event for the Engage 4 program. We were happy to see the positive impact our efforts could make for CAW, and we were grateful to have been a part of such a worthwhile project. The event concluded with a reception, where we had the chance to celebrate our success and network with other teams who had also been involved in the Engage 4 program.

Overall, our experience with project was very rewarding. We were able to use our skills and knowledge to make a time-consuming task more automated, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Britt & Lott from CAW. We look forward to future challenges Engage 4 could bring us!

If you have any questions about the project, feel free to reach out!



Written by

Jorre Housen – Jef Van den Dungen – Sander Van den Bogaert.