From flat files to devouring miles

Since we at Cubis, Lytix and Aivix are active in the market of analytics and data consultancy, it goes without saying that we don’t get to move a lot during our workdays. For at least 8 hours per day, we are either working on our computers or participating in meetings, mostly seated.

Before, during or after such a workday, it’s not so evident to find the time or the motivation to work out.

However, everyone knows that it is important to maintain a fit and active lifestyle to stay healthy.
At Cubis, Lytix and Aivix we strongly believe that as a company, we must try our best to contribute as much to our colleagues’ motivation to be active as possible.

From the beginning, our company has held being active in high esteem.
We have always been participating together in various sporting events like obstacle course runs, cycling events and running events. Quite a lot of our colleagues really like doing sports so it was not hard to find people to participate in those events.
We ordered some basic running and cycling jerseys and a week later we were crawling through the mud at a Spartacus run on a cold and rainy Sunday together.

Back in the days: Cubis @ Allround Flandrien & Cubis @ Spartacus run

With the growth of the company and the increasing number of colleagues, everything had to become more structured and organized. Being active together likewise.

It was becoming harder to simply gather some colleagues and register for a sporting event. Of course, we always to engage as many colleagues as possible when we participate in a sporting event, so a new approach was called for.

An important starting point for that new approach was the appointment of someone who is responsible for everything related to sports within the company. We needed someone who would find interesting sporting events to participate in, but who could also engage as many colleagues as possible to join those events. Registrations of all those colleagues and making sure that they can participate in the event together is something not to be underestimated either.
Finding a good balance between the types of events is crucial. Not everyone is into running or cycling, so we make sure to participate in walking and other events as well.

Since we all like number so much: in total we completed nearly 2000 kilometers together in 2022, spread over 12 events by either hiking, running, or cycling.

To manage all this financially, a budget dedicated to everything related to sports is drawn up in the beginning of the year. This budget is mainly based on the number of events we plan on joining and of course a forecasted number of colleagues who will join these events.

When participating in a sporting event, nothing unites a group of colleagues doing sports together like a nice sporting outfit. That’s why we provide a sports outfit to each employee who wants one. We have a general sports/running outfit as well as a cycling outfit to make sure we can shine in the Cubis/Aivix/Lytix colors in any type of sporting event we join!

While organizing the participation in sporting events as a real team is an important part of it, the main goal always remains motivating our colleagues to be as physically active as possible. A good way to do so is by providing an extra incentive by creating a competition based on the number of sporting events everyone joins. Rewarding the colleagues who represent Cubis/Lytix/Avix at sporting events with a financial extra, helps as well.

2022: Cubis/Lytix/Aivix @ Strong Viking Ghent & Cubis/Lytix/Aivix @ 100 Miles Karting Genk


Disregarded the years 2020 and 2021, this simple but effective sports approach works.
Due to the Covid pandemic happening during those years, it was impossible to do sports together. We were not allowed to get out of our ‘bubbles’ to do sports with our colleagues and sporting events weren’t organized anyway. That’s why we came up with an alternative way of motivating our colleagues to work out.

We did this by challenging the colleagues who wanted to, to achieve certain goals like working out at least 10 hours, by doing at least 15 sports activities in a month or by making some real Strava art based on our company names.

Again, the competitive factor played an important role in this sports challenge.

The feedback from the colleagues who joined the sports challenge was strongly positive, it really helped some of our colleagues to stay active and in shape during the Covid pandemic.

2022: Cubis/Lytix/Aivix achieve the Sportbedrijf label from Sport Vlaanderen

All these investments to stimulate our colleagues to be active have been rewarded with the ‘Sportbedrijf’ label, which we received from Sport Vlaanderen. An achievement of which we are very proud!

I really hope that with this article, I was able to trigger you to motivate and stimulate your employees or colleagues to be active, just like us at Cubis, Lytix and Aivix!
And who knows, maybe next year your company will be in the list of ‘Sportbedrijven’ as well!

P.S. if you spot our Cubis/Lytix/Aivix outfits at one or another sporting event, don’t hesitate to come by and say hi to us!




With Kind Regards,

Joachim, the proud sports responsible at Cubis, Lytix & Aivix,