Get to know Arne Polfliet

What was your nicest experience at Lytix?

Professionally the nicest moment would have to be the training academy when I first joined Lytix. Together with the new joiners of Cubis we had a whole host of training sessions. Some given by external professionals, others by internal ones.

It provided both the starters and people with some experience with new and interesting concepts needed for a consultant.

Alongside this I got to know the newest employees for both Cubis and Lytix as well as learn from the best CubiLytix Professionals!

Personally I enjoyed the events the most where we go out for dinner. I love cooking and good food so getting to know each other around the table with something to eat is a very good way to win me over. You know what they say; The love of a man goes through his stomach!

Can you explain what kind of work you have been doing?

One of the things I love about BI Consultancy is the amount of variation in what we do.

This can go from creating good looking Dashboards to ETL and sometimes it even goes out of our field of work if you are willing.

Alongside this you also get the opportunity to help Lytix grow as a company if you want. Do you have hidden talents or interests that might benefit the company? You are always free to bring them to the table with the companies full support.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

I had to give this question some thought, since I love all kinds of holidays.

But in the end I really only need a natural environment, my music instruments and a good book.

I love going on walks in nature and taking in all the vistas, smells and sounds it has to offer.

After this walk I like to come back to a nice garden where I can sit down and relax while reading my book or playing on my piano or guitar.

So in the end for me going to the Ardennes is enough, but that doesn’t take away that I would love to so other faraway places like a road trip through Scandinavia!

What does an ideal project look like for you?

Variation is key! Business Intelligence contains a lot of facets, which makes it ideal if you want change in your work.

One day you could be making the most beautiful and informative report, where the next you are creating a data flow to bring the data to your Datawarehouse.

It would also be great to have another employee of your consultancy company with you (ideally with more experience). This to ensure you still feel that bond between you and the firm you actually work for and to have someone to learn from.