Join me in my zoo adventure during a fantastic beastly family day!


Hi all!

Beastly family day, you’ve read it right, and I mean it in the literal sense.
Our family day took place on a very unique location this year, the Planckendael ZOO.

Back from being gone (<- read Covid-19 virus) it was very nice to see everyone again and meet the partners and other family members of colleagues. Also, some of our new colleagues (the starters of September) participated and got to meet the colleagues.

The event started around 10 a.m. when we were welcomed at the entrance of the ZOO for a morning walk through the park with our own family. As an extra surprise, the woman from Planckendael hinted at a new colleague who we could find inside the park.

I’ve got to confess I did not find the new colleague before lunch, but I was able to take some cool pictures, and I also enjoyed the nice weather, the company, and of course the animals.

At around 12:30 p.m. we had to make our way to the party venue next to the entrance of the park. Arriving there we were greeted by familiar faces, lovely drinks, and some delicious snacks.

After being able to talk to the colleagues and getting to know new people, it was time to go inside and enjoying the great food after which our managing partner Wim gave a short speech.

It became clear during Wim’s speech that the ‘new colleague’ the lady at the entrance hinted at was not meant to be taken literal, but rather that we as a company adopted an animal at the Planckendael ZOO. Besides that, we also donated food to the Meerkats and Pythons at the ZOO. (<- Python at the special request of our Aivix colleagues 😉)

I’m proud to present to you, our animal.
The white-nosed coati:

This cute animal can be found in the ‘America’ zone of the park.

Should you by any chance visit Planckendael ZOO in the near future, then you’ll be able to locate us (our logo’s) at the big billboard dedicated to all ‘godfathers’ and ‘godmothers’ in the ‘Europe’ zone of the park. We are also featured on the Planckendael ZOO website in the partner’s section. Check it out:

Now that’s that, after lunch we asked all colleagues present and their family members outside for a big group picture.

Afterwards we were all free to go into the park and search for the white-nosed coati (this time it was easier) and going home after a great family day.

I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot wait for the next family day!
See you soon! 😊




Written by Mattia Andronico