Navigating the Starters Academy: Ben’s story

A year ago, I embarked on my journey at Lytix, and what a year it has been! Among all the learning, growing, and getting to know many interesting people, there’s one milestone that has kick-started my career path: the Starters Academy. In this blog, I’m excited to share my experiences with this academy and how it boosted my knowledge and passion for data.

Unveiling the Starters Academy

The Starters Academy was like a godsend in my professional development. It was an intensive learning experience that took place during my first month at Lytix. The focus was on enhancing our skills in some key technologies within the data world, namely SAP, Power BI, Azure, and Python. It was designed to provide us with a robust foundation for all these tools and also allow us to get used to working in a professional environment. The main goal was to prepare us for our first real project with an actual client!

From Power BI to a world of possibilities

Before the Starters Academy, my experience had mostly been centered around Power BI. I had done an internship, using this tool, so I had mastered the basics. It was my favorite tool for turning data into insights. However, during the academy, I discovered that there was much more to explore in the world of data. The academy introduced us to advanced technologies such as SAP, Azure, Python, and more, opening doors to new possibilities and expanding our view of the data world.

The academy provided me with a new perspective through which to view data. The training was tailored for newbies like me, and I was amazed by how comprehensible and accessible everything was presented. I not only learned how to use these technologies, but also understood why they hold such power. The interactive sessions and hands-on exercises allowed me to genuinely experience what it’s like to work with these tools.

What really stood out to me during the Starters Academy was that I discovered what my real passion is. While I was already familiar with Power BI, the extensive training sessions not only deepened my understanding of it but also made me realize that my interests extended beyond this powerful tool. Azure, an unknown platform (to me) that I was able to discover during the academy, intrigued me with its diverse capabilities and potential applications. This realization renewed my career ambitions. Knowing where my interests lay after the training, I was able to capitalize on this in the projects I later received.

Closing Thoughts

The Starters Academy marked a turning point in my professional journey. It helped me broaden my data perspective and immersed me in a world of data opportunities. Much of my growth in my first year can be attributed to the foundation I gained during the academy. I look forward to what the future holds as I continue my journey in the data field with exciting projects and a diverse range of clients.


Ben De Keyser

Data & analytics consultant @ Lytix