Welcome Jonathan Moeyersons!

Please welcome Jonathan Moeyersons, our newest Lytix employee. He joined us beginning of September, attracted by our extraordinary workplace’s emphasis on lifelong learning—a principle he finds deeply meaningful. Jonathan is a welcome addition to the Lytix team, and we look forward to watching him develop.

Why did you choose Lytix? 

Because of the working environment. During the interviews there was a lot of emphasis on continuous learning, which is something that I value a lot. I was looking for a job with variety, learning opportunities and nice colleagues. I think that Lytix checks all those boxes and I am very enthusiastic about starting here.

What did you do before Lytix? 

I worked as a data analyst for a company that was focused on creating structured databases for hospitals. Along with other things, I was responsible for delivering dashboards, descriptive reports and trainings.

If you could have a conversation with your future self, what advice would you ask for?

Nothing. I like to be surprised.