Welcome Kwinten Van Houtven

Meet Kwinten Van Houtven, our new team member at Lytix. Intrigued by the world of data, he chose Lytix for the perfect blend: an interesting training course and engaging projects to enhance his skills. Before Lytix, Kwinten pursued a degree in Electronics and ICT. Welcome, Kwinten, as your data journey continues with us!

Why did you choose Lytix? 

When I was still studying I had to make a final project where I got to use a lot of complicated data. This was really fascinating for me so I wanted to pursue this new world of data some more. After looking for a while on the job market I came across Lytix, a company that provides a short training course for new consultants and after that some interesting projects to further develop my skills. This was an ideal match with what I was looking for in a job!

What did you do before Lytix? 

Before Lytix I was a student at the Thomas More Hogeschool where I studied Elektronica-ICT for 3 years. The closest I got to the real work of big data was in my last year by making a bachelor’s project.

If you could choose any era in history to live in for a week, which one would it be and why?

I would choose to live at the end of the 20th century right before the rise of “the internet”. It would be pretty interesting from my perspective as a young person who grew up with it as a normal tool that was already invented and not knowing a life without the World Wide Web.